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Joining the National Association of Event Planners is easy to sign up. Bronze membership is free and always will be. Benefits include access to lists of venues, DJ's, catering companys, and other useful tools. Members are responsible to uphold the code of ethics with the highest standars. Keeping on top of cutting edge technology our members make us proud. The best part of being a wedding planner or event coordinator is the fact is the low overhead. It does't take lost of cash to create a profitable business. Take advantage of the Bronze membership to jumpstart your career in the industry. You will need the lists of vendors to help you succeed. Flower arrangements, catering, lighting, DJ's, Photographers, Officiants - - All Available on demand.



To become the best of the best you will need the support of the industry. Gold membership packages include all the Bronze benefits plust exclusive one on one help from a professional certified wedding planner or event coordinator. Never be left alone and create the highest earning potentional. Gold membership is a flat fee based on desired goals. One of our consultants are standing by to assist you in becoming the next big thing. Joining the National Association of Event Planners is the first step into becoming financially free in a field so rewarding. Meet other wedding planners in our sessions. Get started hosting events and parties to the full extent. Weddings are in demand and so are planners. Get your free Bronze membership first as a trial then decide to upgrade to the full Gold membership and join the association. One free class at the National Event Planner Institute.

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With wedding season right around the corner now is the time to start planning your career. By joining the National Association of Event dsdPlanners you can begin to plan your future. We can train you in the newest trends and trade secrets. We hope you had a wonderful 2013 and look forward to all our members to a properous 2014. In the newest edition member are learning how to market and advertise their wedding and event planner companies.


One of the most appealing aspects of the event and wedding planning is the food. It is a crucial piece of the succsess of the event. Being a dedicated and creative planner includes hiring a professional and courteous catering company. Getting that moutwatering cuisine or snacks that pair with the theme of the event or wedding. Be sure the catering company offers exciting menus but can accomodate to exotic and traditional but diverse menus. Don't let price fool you. Get a sample offering. After being a member of the National Association of Event Planners you can get access to pre-screened certififed caterers. Get a list of showrooms to become creative.


Members exclusive list of professional in-house DJ and event hosts to ensure your clients get the ultimate experience. The main ingredients are a good host, up lighting, music, and a quality projector display. Don't get left out this is crucial. You will need the full cooperation of the DJ to make the event lasting. Everyone should be entertained. The newest and freshest mixes with modern and contemporary hits. Join the event planner association to get more details and beyond.


Join today to gain access to the full site and join other excited members. See our full list of benefits inside.


Get first access to postings and new lines of work in the wedding planning and even coordination field.


Members enjoy unlimited access to the vast knowledge base created by our founds and other members that benefit all.


Our team of professional support staff will assist you at all levels of wedding and event planning coordination.


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As weddings become more and more glamorous, lighting has started to play a big role in today's wedding decor, including wedding centerpieces. Special lighting effects and techniques have been used at high-end weddings and celebrity weddings for some time now, to give them that signature 'fantasy' effect. But for the "average" bride and groom who don't have the luxury of a high-end budget, these kinds of fabulous special effects have been out of reach. Not anymore! We say everyone is entitled to a glammed up wedding... celebrity-style special lighting effects included! Here's how you can do it, for CHEAP! Your guests will be awestruck! Make your own lighted wedding centerpieces.


Photos and videos of the wedding are one of the most important things to have. These will be looked back on for years and years to come so choosing the right wedding photography or videographer is key. Be sure to do extensive research on them, don't pick a photographer based on the price. Be sure to go through their gallery and or ask for testimonials. Don't let bad photos ruin your reputation as a wedding planner. Check back with the National Assocation of Event Planners for more updates on our newsletter. Thanks.


Wedding cakes can make or break a wedding. A great event planner association member gets inside info on the best bakers and chefs for cakes. As a new wedding planner you may wonder who is the best and how much is it going to cost the family. Cakes and bakers will try to sell you their services but not all are created equal. Let the National Association of Event Planners give you the inside info you need to find the cake baker you need.