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Newsletter - October 2015

Event Planners Association

If you are looking to start your own business in the event planning or wedding planning industry then now is the best time to check into the National Association Of Event Planners. Look no further as joining an accredited event planner association is extremely easy effective and gives you hands on experience. The NAEP will help you jumpstart your career. Look at all our resources for your wedding planner and event coordination needs. Keep up to date with our newsletter providing up to date event planner association info.

Newsletter - July 2015

2015 Is The Year To Start A New Career

The best part of being an event planner or wedding planner is that it is a year round constant income career. You can do this on the side and make some extra csah or do it full time. The best thing is, you can earn as little or as much as you want. Check out local rates of competitors to find out how much you can charge. This is by far the best way to beat the competition and keep an edge all while making money. All event planners and wedding coordinators need to check up on forms and newsletters to find the latest trends and get the association info to stay on top. Click on one of our sponsors links to help everyone.

Newsletter - January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 To All Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators

With wedding season right around the corner now is the time to start planning your career. By joining the National Association of Event dsdPlanners you can begin to plan your future. We can train you in the newest trends and trade secrets. We hope you had a wonderful 2013 and look forward to all our members to a properous 2014. In the newest edition member are learning how to market and advertise their wedding and event planner companies.

Newsletter - August 2013

Professional Wedding Planners are at all time need of quality members

If you've ever thought about becoming a member of the National Association of Event Planners now is the time. Sources are saying that now is the time to join and if you are looking for extra income from wedding or event planning you've got to join now. Don't let an opportunity like this pass you up. You can always find more info by joing the membership here.
How would you like to be one of the proud people to coordinate a wedding or large event or party. You can do this with ease by becoming a certified event planner. You're able to plan anything from weddings to corporate events and parties. Make extra money and have fun doing it. You will love the work you do.


Newsletter - November 2012

Cakes and bakers for Wedding Association Planner Professionals

Wedding cakes can make or break a wedding. A great event planner association member gets inside info on the best bakers and chefs for cakes. As a new wedding planner you may wonder who is the best and how much is it going to cost the family. Cakes and bakers will try to sell you their services but not all are created equal. Let the National Association of Event Planners give you the inside info you need to find the cake baker you need.



Newsletter - April 2012


Photos and videos of the wedding are one of the most important things to have. These will be looked back on for years and years to come so choosing the right wedding photography or videographer is key. Be sure to do extensive research on them, don't pick a photographer based on the price. Be sure to go through their gallery and or ask for testimonials. Don't let bad photos ruin your reputation as a wedding planner. Check back with the National Assocation of Event Planners for more updates on our newsletter. Thanks.


Newsletter - April 2010

Lighted Wedding Centerpieces

As weddings become more and more glamorous, lighting has started to play a big role in today's wedding decor, including wedding centerpieces. Special lighting effects and techniques have been used at high-end weddings and celebrity weddings for some time now, to give them that signature 'fantasy' effect. But for the "average" bride and groom who don't have the luxury of a high-end budget, these kinds of fabulous special effects have been out of reach. Not anymore! We say everyone is entitled to a glammed up wedding... celebrity-style special lighting effects included! Here's how you can do it, for CHEAP! Your guests will be awestruck! Make your own lighted wedding centerpieces...

Making Lighted Wedding Centerpieces is Easy! Here's How:

1. Start by selecting an attractive clear glass container for your centerpieces. Here we've used a contemporary rectangular vase, but you may use any shape and style of clear vase -- or even a clear bowl for a floating flower design. Use your imagination to customize a look all of your own for one of a kind wedding centerpieces!
2. Place our inexpensive water-activated diamond lights at the bottom of the centerpiece vase or bowl (available in the SuperWeddings Wedding Store).
3. Fill the containers for your centerpieces half way to three-quarters full with fresh water.
4. Now simply add your choice of cut flowers and greenery, and... You’re done!
What's really terrific is, because of the stunning special effects created by the underwater diamond lights, your floral arrangement can be really simple - it does not have to be elaborate because the drama of these lighted wedding centerpieces all comes from the lighting. This means you can easily do all your wedding centerpiece arrangements for yourself - you don't need to spend money for a professional floral designer to create your wedding centerpieces, and you save money on your wedding! (Of course, if you do use the services of a professional florist, you can still provide the lights to be used for adding these stunning special effects to your wedding centerpieces).
Now see? An awesome, high-end looking wedding really IS possible on ANY budget. You can DO IT YOURSELF and WOW your guests with a little guidance and inspiration from SuperWeddings.com! Nobody will ever know how little you spent for this fabulous "custom" look for these stunning lighted wedding centerpieces!
~ Linda Kevich


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