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The National Association of Event Planners is your one stop for all the information regarding organizations dedicated to wedding and event planners. All the inside scoop on wedding news and event coordinator updates. Gain the knowledge and experience to be a certified professional. Online education for wedding planner certifications. Visit the Wedding Planning Institute for certifications.

The NAEP has been around long enough to understand the needs of the growing industry. Combined our knowledge and wealth of information can help you succeed. This is more than a carerr it's a lifestyle. Becoming a wedding planner or event coordinator can be rewarding and financially strong. Join the team today.

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Budget - Visit Zola
The budget will basically affect every aspect of the event or wedding. One of the first items to discuss when meeting with clients is how much can be spent. This doesn’t necessarily have to be concrete and some fluctuation is expected but the client will need this first before any decisions can be made.  You will need a wide variety in your portfolio to accommodate to all budgets. Don’t forget to have your fees included so it’s no surprise.

Venues - Visit The Knot
You’ve heard the term location location location. This comes into play at events and weddings as well. The setting and place will determine other outcomes. Some clients want extravagant exotic locations but this isn’t always the case. As with the budget this can make or break a wedding. Part of the benefit of being a member of the National Association of Event Planners is the wide list of venues and locations that have been approved.

Vendors - Visit Wedding Wire
Event Planners and Wedding Planners all keep a constantly updated list of dedicated vendors. In this array of vendors you will need: DJ, Photographer, Host, Officiant, Catering Company, and of course the wedding planner. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. You need the best of the best to make you look good. See our membership section to sign up for a complete list of verified vendors.